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About Me

  Developer, Pianist  

Hello! My name is Roman Scott, and I am year-old app developer, pianist, and student at Stanford University. I enjoy improvising music, doing soccer and track, and making products that help people. I have built several apps under my company, COMMUNITEXT LLC, and have composed a CD called Legacy 22.

During the summers, I worked at the Ron Burton Training Village, a whole-person development program that enriches the lives of challenged youth in the areas of leadership development, physical fitness, and spiritual growth.

My Apps

Here is a collection of the mobile and desktop applications I have created and published over the last few years. Feel free to download them and check them out!

My Music

Legacy 22 is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather. It features a wide variety of songs, from jazz and classical to pop music and movie soundtracks, as well as my own composition, "Legacy".

Legacy 22

My Videos

Check out my YouTube channel, where I feature my piano videos and my semifinalist entry to the Breakthrough Junior Challenge explaining String Theory!

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Contact Me

If you have a business or personal inquiry, send me an email at!